Monday, December 22, 2008


wat kind of lifestyle am i expecting? It keeps changing whn grows elder..After met so many people and listening their experienced among the years, my mind will keep thinking and expecting wat kind of lifestyle will i having in the future..I'm wasting time days by days...years by years and seems like gain ntg along the wasted time..i'm feeling nervous and struggling..wat will happen in the front and wat kinds of problem have to overcome...So boring on thinking it and it is embarassing...Problems cant be solve if oni thinking of it...Anyway, the answer not yet out and wat i'll do is sticks to the lifestyle which i having now and i oni wan a peace and simple life..God bless me and pls dun let me face too many problems...Simple and nice is the best present i wish to have in this CHRISMATS~THX GOD!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Blog is for wat? Does tis question cum across ur mind ?
My understanding about blog is simply write sum rubbish thn upload, spam the chat box, read fren's journal and so on..
After i met and listen to my fren oni i know, BLOG is a place for sharing our daily life, meet up wif ur fren, get ur fren's news updated on time and bla bla bla.. Are u thinking wat rubbish im writing here?
i oso dun know wat im writing right now zzZ(hahaha)...
My purpose on writing this blog is to inform that BLOG is a place to sharing, hv fun wif ur frens, express ur feeling among others or even LEARN sumthing whn u read through others article.
No scandal , No insulting others, No show off, No spamming etc !!!
Keep the blog CLEAN, Meaningful and Enjoy it !!!
Learn from mistake and nvr blame on others whn mistakes cum up. I'm really lazy to write words ...ZzzzZ... I prefer on spamming Cbox wif my buddies (hehe).. Dun boom me la all dai lou..
Wake up my fren.. Admit and chg it.. Ntg so important and we'll gv out our helping hands..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wednesday, 17 Dec, 2008 2: 49 AM

Wednesday, 17 Dec, 2008 2: 49 AM
( Finally...I'm putting myself into the WAR)

I'm here cause sumbody forcing me in..
Anyway, let's check it out ! Wat so interesting here?
Shud i describe myself be4 I go futher? Here it is..
Description==>I'm LC but cute, Kinda kind person and the other details will be appear in the box beside coz i knew sumbody going to discriminate+insult+F ME...
Watelse leh..Ntg special on me..I love PEACE. I willing to be fren wif any1..
Pls gv me a CHANCE to get in ur FREN LIST..